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i-kxSXSPM-XLPIHRALogoProfessional Indian Horse Racing Association (PIHRA)

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Professional Indian Horse Racing Association (PIHRA) is to support Indian Horse Relay and Racing and to make it easier and safer for contestants to compete in Indian relay and racing competition. PIHRA will support individual teams and events that promote and encourage Indian Racing in any and all forms and venues. Our guiding principles are safety for the horses and riders, sharing the excitement of Indian Racing with as many as possible, providing economic opportunity on the reservations, and encouraging those involved to reconnect to their traditional culture and relationship with the horse. The PIHRA is an association of teams, individuals, and sponsors who participate in the sport of Indian relay racing, Indian flat track racing, ladies Indian flat track racing, and Cowboy and Indian flat track racing. The initial focus of the association is on Indian Relay but all of the above disciplines are important and will be encouraged and promoted. The members of the PIHRA commit themselves to promoting Indian Relay and Indian Racing in a safe, professional, and responsible manner

The All Nations Indian Relay Championships begin in:

2014/09/12 21:28:24