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6 Heats of Relay, Indian Ladies Race, Indian Warriors Race and Kids Relay Daily

The All Nations Indian Relay Championships will include 6 Indian Relay Heats each day. Each heat will feature at least 5 of the top teams in the world competing for time and points to earn a seat in the Championships on Sunday. Each team was invited to compete in the All Nations Indian Relay Championships based on the points they have accumulated during the 15 sanctioned races during the season, and now they have to compete again to earn a spot in Sunday’s championship.
In addition to the feature Indian relay races audiences receive an additional three exciting races each day.
Indian Warriors race on foot 100 yards, over the back of their waiting war ponies and then gallop a full lap around the half mile track. A great test of athleticism, horsemanship and skill bareback in traditional warrior regalia. Each race consists of a rider and a holder and one war pony. Warriors run daily with the championship on Sunday. A purse of $6,000 in cash and prizes will be offered. Entries are limited to 8 teams. Maximum is 2 horses for each Warrior race. Can not be Indian relay team horses.
Indian Ladies Races are equally exciting and challenging. The Indian ladies race will feature a mounted start race with up to 8 Indian ladies who will race around the one half mile track bareback. No saddles are allowed and the field is limited to 8 racers. The purse for the Indian ladies race will exceed $6,000 in cash and prizes. Ladies are limited to two horses for the 4 day event. Can not be horses used in Indian relay.
Kids Indian Relay is the crowd favorite, as you would expect. Kid’s relay consists of 1 riders, 2 holders and a mugger and three ponies just like adult relay. Kid’s race around the arena three times, exchanging ponies on each lap just like the adult riders. Limit 6 teams. The purse will exceed $6,000 in cash and prizes. Kids relay teams limited to 3 ponies each. Age limit is 10 years old and ponies must be 42 inches or less.
Add to this a half hour dancing and drumming introduction to each race event and a 15 minute dancing and drumming intermission and you have an exciting cultural and sporting event second to none. America’s first extreme sport as the horse Nations of the northern plains have enjoyed it for centuries.
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