What is PIHRA

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  • The PIHRA is an association of teams, individuals, and sponsors who participate in the sport of Indian relay racing, Indian flat track racing, ladies Indian flat track racing, and Cowboy and Indian flat track racing. The mission of PIHRA is to bring the fun, excitement, passion and heritage of Indian Horse Racing to a broader audience. Through this process, PIHRA will strive to provide a safe and fair environment for the team participants, their horses, and the event spectators.
  • Starting with Indian Relay Racing, PIHRA, as the sanctioning body, will develop a season-long championship series for each kind of racing, will ensure for each individual event promoter involved in the series that a full field of the world’s best riders and teams will participate in their event, that a uniform set of competition and safety rules will be applied, that all participants ascribe to a Uniform Code of Conduct, that all teams will be professionally attired, and that advertised purses will be paid.
  • Further, PIHRA will undertake, at its discretion, activities to grow the affinity and reach of the Professional Indian Relay Racing Series. By way of illustration, these activities might include the negotiation of television rights for the series, the promotion of the overall series and teams within the series, the promotion of rivalries between various teams and competitors, the specific promotion of star players on the teams, overall series sponsorships, and various licensing and promotional activities.
  • PIHRA will strive, through its activities, to establish strong working relationships with individual event promoters. PIHRA envisions that the promoters will lead the effort in terms of promoting each individual event and that PIHRA will lead the effort in promoting the overall series. This method of cooperation is proven to work and we have full confidence that it will work for the series.

  • 2015 All Nations Indian Relay Championship Race Results and Payouts-Over $85,000 in Cash and Payouts! Click here to review RESULTS & PAYOUTS
    • Team Nation Payout
      Rides A Pretty Horse Crow Nation $2,600
      Holds The Eneny Crow Nation $3,000
      Young Money Blackfeet Nation $5000
      Pikuni Express Blackfeet Nation $7,500
      Omak Express Colville Confederated Tribes $10,000
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